Training budgets are – for various reasons – highly strained. In addition, it appears that training and classroom training are very ineffective. It just does not work: Pulling professionals from their jobs, stuffing them with knowledge and sending them back out there. At the end of a training day, everyone is enthusiastic and willing to work with the new knowledge, but impact in practice is ultimately very low. Research indicates that the transfer of corporate learning is even below 20%.

It can be done differently.

At Einstein & Jones we are passionate about achieving sustainable results, including learning. That is why we develop workshops and master classes that have maximum practical impact. We do this as follows:

  • Expert-trainers are both material experts and experts from experience
  • Small groups (maximum of 8 participants)
  • Submission of concrete, personal cases or training questions, studied in advance by the expert trainer
  • Much interaction with all participants
  • Plenty of time for creating a plan of action applicable to personal use cases
  • Expert-trainer follow-up coaching

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