After centuries of unsustainable industrial development models driven by dirty, carbon-intensive fuels, we have radically altered not just the face of the planet but also our climate. If we, business leaders, do not change our current linear work processes, we could soon be on an irreversible path towards severe climate instability, resource scarcity and environmental degradation, resulting in a planet no longer capable of sustaining life as we currently know it.

People tend to stick with what they know. Future actions are too often based on past successes. Experience enables efficiency, but also rigidity. Routines that were invented years ago, are not as effective as they used to be. Sometimes you have to change your game… even to stay in it!

We believe that ‘Now is the time!’ Innovation has never before been so approachable and lucrative as today. Especially for small and medium enterprises. Their combination of resources and flexibility enables them to outsmart the big corporates. And really pioneer in the field of future-proofing through sustainability.

The question is:

  • How to stay in the game? Grow as a business, stay profitable, without harming the environment?

If you take a closer look at your business model, your material use and design, the way you collaborate with stakeholders and manage your supply chain and logistics, you will find lots of opportunities to innovate. And these come with several (other) advantages, like:

  • Compliance to current and future laws and regulations
  • Cost reduction through resource efficiency
  • Value creation and value preservation of innovative products and services
  • First-mover advantages: reputation and premium pricing (for the short term)

Do you need to check how future-proof your Work Process is? You can easily find your current status (along with the other key-topics of a future-proof company) with our Quick Scan.

  • But why not start future-proofing step-by-step? You certainly don’t have to be an expert; just get started! For this, we offer you our Future-Proof Scan©.

This Scan will give insight in the feasibility of a range of tailored opportunities. Results provide baseline statistics of your company. What is going alright already? What is your low-hanging fruit? And most important, where are your red flags?

So, start building the best work process that your company, service and product deserves! Future-Proof Now!

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