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The world is moving and sustainability is the magic word. Every organization wants to increase its productivity and secure its value, now and in the future. That can be done with concepts like circular economy and people management. But how do you apply that in your business?/strong>

Do you know exactly which opportunities lie in wait? And do you have the expertise in order to cash in on them? This knowledge is still missing from many companies.

Einstein & Jones’ specialists help your company on the journey to sustainability. Our customers are prepared for the future using smart solutions. We call this Future-proofing. Nice side effects are cost savings, reputation enhancement, increased employee involvement and a new driving force of innovation. How do we do this?

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Your business is unique. That demands customization. With our Quick Scan, we identify the current status, ambition and unique capabilities of your company. This could be on one or more of three domains: workplace, workforce and work process. The results are then presented in a straightforward manner, using a one-page plan.

Consultacy & Project management

As a forward-looking organization, we are going to teach you everything we know about sustainability and how to put this into practice in your work. With a unique combination of advice, coaching and training, sustainability principles are fully integrated into overall business management. We also pay attention to leadership, culture and communication, which results in a permanent transformation of both (wo)man and company.


Who will do all this? Einstein & Jones employs specialists with a scientific background and relevant practical experience. Our services are always offered by a junior and senior expert. Through this tandem we create a dynamic combination of experience and fresh ideas. This gives your company a guarantee of proven methods with a new look.

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