We believe it's not okay to make a fast buck, at the cost of people and our environment. And it's totally unnecessary!

That's why we help business leaders connect People Planet and Profit and increase results and impact. We call that becoming Future Proof.

How? With our experts!

We offer the people to help your business become – and stay - Future Proof. Our experts are all professionals in different areas of People, Planet and Profit Management. Their combined expertise will bring you more impact and ROI. Just ask us what you need. We will connect you to the expert who helps you find practical solutions that fit your specific situation!

“We have chosen Einstein & Jones as our Business Partner. We work with them towards a better, more sustainable future for the Caribbean and more specifically Curaçao. They share their knowledge and innovative ideas that help businesses grow, and become future-proof. We’ve gotten to know them as practical, no-nonsense and sensitive to the specific needs of every client and consumer. It’s great working with them!”

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“Einstein & Jones is the ideal place to start your future-proof career! They know how to match your personality, talent and skills to an employer that really fits your needs. With their commitment, coaching and passion they really make the difference!”

Daan Crama

“The Future-Proof Business Roadmap of Einstein & Jones is really go-easy and pragmatic. We have a subscription that inspires us every two weeks to take on an action that helps us become more sustainable. Their practical roadmap is a great reminder to keep us on the right track and take the proposed actions. We hope to inspire other companies to start future-proofing too! All small steps help!”

Het Warenhuis

Online sparring

Do you recognize this?

Sometimes you ‘just’ need to bounce off some ideas with an expert about a specific situation, or question. Then hiring a consultant may be too much of a hassle, and take up too much of your time. And money.

That’s what’s our online sparring is about:

  • Making it easy for you to quickly access one of our specialists.
  • Personal and live.
  • At your convenient time and day.
  • Tailored to your specific situation

At Einstein & Jones you find experts in People-, Environmental and Business Management. If you have a question in one of these areas, just click on one of the specific topics and find your expert

Skype with an expert

Get on-the-spot advice

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How to build and maintain a healthy and high performing workforce.



How to lower environmental footprint and save money in your workplace.

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How to get better business results with sustainability!